I recently checked out the newest taco spot to open in Fort Worth, Austin City Taco. Don’t let the name throw you off it’s simply meant to clue you in on the “Austin-y” vibe of the place. I

It can be argued that there’s plenty of Fort Worth taco spots already, however Austin City Tacos brings something different to the table. Funky decor touches and Central Texas style brisket provide that Austin appeal. Local chef Juan Rodrigez, from Magdalena’s (Supper Club and catering) serves as the culinary director. He brings the Funkytown flavor in spirit and in his approach to the ingredients.


As a self-appointed taco connoisseur, I believe any great taco begins with the tortilla. Firstly, the corn tortillas at Austin City Tacos receive Chef Rodriguez’s fine dining treatment.

You will see the creative addition of blue corn to the traditional corn masa on some of the menu options. This results in a distinctive and colorful half and half effect (perfect for instagram!). The tortillas larger size allows for generous fillings that include chicken, 12-hour brisket, pork, shrimp, veggie and all day breakfast.

Austin City Tacos Fort Worth

Speaking of brisket, you should start with a brisket option when you visit. The brisket slow smokes over post oak for 12 hours in the the Central Texas tradition. The smoker resides in the kitchen so don’t be surprised by the smoke-tinged aroma when you enter. The Bohemian contains a nice combo of classic taco ingredients that include guacamole, queso fresco, shredded cabbage, serrano crema, corn tortilla that complement the brisket for a greatest hits version of a taco.

Similarly, all the other ingredients benefit from Chef Rodriguez’s fine dining background. He focuses on using high quality ingredients like gulf coast shrimp and in-house prepared rotisserie chicken with a guajillo and orange juice marinade. One bite of any of the shrimp taco options and the freshness of the ingredients becomes clear. I regularly order the “Gulf Coast” shrimp taco because I appreciate the simple straightforward ingredients.

In addition, look out for quirky garnishes like fried onion strings, buttermilk ranch dressing, southern slaw, potato chips and bacon jam that give the tacos a signature spin.


The all-day breakfast options on the menu get equal billing with five selections to start or end your day with. The Midnight Craving packs a hearty bite with brisket, eggs, potatoes, queso fresco and bacon jam all satisfyingly wrapped in a flour tortilla. Additionally, check out the migas breakfast taco which combines a mexican breakfast favorite and puts it inside a taco.


Any decent taqueria puts as much emphasis on their sauce selection as they do their taco ingredients. Austin City Tacos does not fall short here. The jalapeno vinegar glaze delivers a tinge of sweetness. The creaminess and just the right amount of kick of the slightly creamy fresh jalapeno sauce makes me reach for it again and again.


Next, let’s talk sides. Indulge in what Austin City Tacos calls “Cheat Day Queso”. The cheeky name matches their interpretation of chips and queso. Which you can have served with nacho chips or fries. See, so cheeky with the fries! The queso itself contains all the qualities you look for with a creamy texture and a slightly spicy kick thanks to the swirl of guajillo sauce.

Austin City Tacos cheat day queso

They offer a variety of beers and two frozen margarita options. (Margaritas are my love language!). The frozen margaritas provide a refreshing sip to complement the tacos.

Finally, if you haven’t overdone it on tacos and queso finish your experience with some of their soft serve dessert. Again, here the fun shines through with a topping of fruity pebbles cereal.

Austin City Tacos soft serve ice cream


The Fort Worth taco scene does not lack for options. But, Austin City Tacos brings a sense of whimsy along with an elevated approach to ingredients. The decor and murals make this fast-casual spot feel unique yet approachable.

Austin City Tacos margarita

A green wall outside displays the mantra “Choosing Happiness” which I equate with choosing tacos! As far as a taco experiences go, this one ranks high on the happiness scale.

Austin City Tacos
517 University
Fort Worth, TX 76107