It’s National Tequila Day! How will you celebrate?! A margarita is my cocktail of choice.  Always. Tequila day or not. You may have heard I host a taco and margarita tour of Fort Worth. I also feel like margaritas are the unofficial, official cocktail of Fort Worth. 

Not just any margarita will do though. It has to be made from fresh lime juice not sweet and sour mixers. My favorite margarita is the one I make at home which is tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice and Cointreau.

I rim the glass with Halo de Santo chile salt, it is a sour salt that adds a nice complement to a margarita. I don’t always enjoy the traditional salt rim and this is a nice alternative. This chile salt is a local product and some bars in Fort Worth use this to rim cocktails upon request. 

Here’s some of my favorite margaritas in Fort Worth in no particular order. 

Taco Heads

Fort Worth Margarita
Taco Heads Margarita

Taco Heads serves a classic margarita (pictured above). Level it up by requesting the Halo de Santo chile salt rim. They are running a summer long special where all frozen margaritas are $5. That’s one of the best deals in town!

The Tavern

The Tavern has one of the best Happy Hour specials which is how I discovered their margarita. It’s on the slightly sweet side but it’s still has a great balance of citrus to sweet. And during happy hour the margarita is only $5 which pairs well with any of their specially priced appetizers. 


Margarita at Proper

If you have not checked out Proper yet. What are you waiting for? This little bar serves up nicely crafted drinks in a charming atmosphere. On Tuesdays you can try their margaritas for $4 all day. 

Righteous Foods

Margarita at Righteous Foods

Righteous Foods does many things right. I love the consistency of their service and food. It’s no surprise that their margarita game is strong. If it’s not too hot, the patio is a great spot to enjoy drinks and conversation. 

Joe T. Garcia’s

I feel like I can’t make a list of Fort Worth margaritas without including the famous Joe T’s margaritas. The one thing that comes to mind is strong. These babies are strong, so when you order a pitcher, pace yourself. You will thank me in the morning!!

Bar Taco

Fort Worth Paloma
Paloma at Bartaco

You’ll find a solid margarita option at Bartaco. Simple and classically prepared. They also serve a delightful Paloma, which uses grapefruit juice instead of lime juice. 

Salsa Limon

Fort Worth Margarita
Salsa Limon Margarita

Salsa Limon gets the prized for best margarita value. These lovely oversized schooners hold one of my favorite margaritas. Flavors are balanced and it’s easy to enjoy. Upon request you can also ask for the Halo de Santo chile salt rim. 

Mi Cocula

Mi Cocula Frozen Mango Margarita

Mi Cocula’s margaritas always taste super fresh and I almost feel like I’m back in Mexico. They also do a good job with their flavored margaritas. I especially enjoy their mango margaritas that incorporated fresh mango puree. 

Ranch Water

Now, I have to mention another tequila-based drink I’ve been enjoying on especially hot days. That is Ranch Water, which is simply tequila and Lime juice topped with some Topo Chico. Refreshing and simple. I like the version they serve at Fred’s Texas Cafe, it’s the perfect drink to sip on while sitting on their patio.