Do you ever meals that just make you happy? From the moment the dishes hit the table to the first bite at Four Sisters, it’s clear that care and attention have been paid to the preparation and presentation of the menu items.

Do not let the clean lines of the restaurant and the deliberate plating deceive you. What awaits you at Four Sisters is some feel-good, home-style Vietnamese food that gives you some serious comfort food vibes.

What’s fun about Four Sisters, is that many of the dishes are easy to share. Food is just more fun when you can gush about it as a collective. My dining companion for this evening had a few dietary restrictions and she was delighted that there were many gluten-free options available.

The perfectly crisp batter on “Mom’s Fried Shrimp” takes it from simple to standout

The wings give me the same soul satisfying feels as any piece of southern fried chicken. The drizzle of Nuoc Mam sauce provides just the right amount of tang.

The lemongrass tofu was light yet full of flavor, I have to admit I don’t always like tofu but the version at Four Sister’s is worth a try. The crispy shallots added a nice texture contrast to the tofu.

The Vietnamese Cabbage Salad provided a nice light, almost palate cleansing effect to balance out the rest of the dishes we tried.

The Shaken Beef Tenderloin was a highlight of the whole evening. The beef was tender and flavorful with a light sauce. The crispy shallots added a nice flavor and texture.

Four Sister’s is in the quickly emerging South Main Village of the Near Southside. It’s a great spot for destination dining and a nice anchor for the all the exciting new businesses that are opening in that area. A return visit is in order soon to try their much-praised Pho.