Biscuits and brunch anyone? If you answered with a heck yeah, please read on! We all know brunch is quite possibly the most perfect meal combining the best of breakfast and lunch. We now have a stellar option with the opening of Hot Box Biscuit Club. The best part is it’s not just for weekend brunching but for weekday indulging as well.

Hot Box Biscuit Club
Hot Box Biscuit Club on South Main

Hot Box Biscuit Club began as the hottest food pop-up in town and is now a brick-and-mortar space in a spot that couldn’t be more perfect on South Main. They are in good company with places like The Bearded Lady, Four Sisters and Game Theory who’ve also staked their claim on the block. Local pastry Chef Sarah Hooten joined culinary forces with Chef Matt Mobley to form Hot Box Biscuit Club as a series of pop-ups that happened in different locations in Fort Worth two and a half years ago.

Word of mouth about their pop-ups spread quickly. Hooten and Mobley focused on their favorite style of food which is Southern cooking. They bring their sense of fun to all the dishes which is clear in the execution and in small details like what the dishes are named. Hip hop and 90’s throwback references are a common occurrence on their menus and t-shirts. This all adds to the fun and charm of the Hot Box Biscuit Club experience.

Hot Box Biscuit Club

Thanks to loyal and repeat diners who spread the word, their email list grew. That’s how the pair let the public know about their events which were selling out 300 seats in a matter of minutes.

Now, we no longer have to rely on our ability to quickly reply to their emails for a coveted seat at one of their pop-ups. This week they open for business on the ever growing stretch of South Main. Yes, you can get your biscuit fix just about any day of the week now!

Interior Hot Box Biscuit Club

The light filled space overlooking South Main couldn’t be better suited for their casual and fun cuisine. Exposed brick walls and red accents add warmth, charm and coziness to the space.

When you arrive, you place your order at the front and then you are given a Selena (#bidibidibombom) themed buzzer. You pick up your food at the kitchen counter after your buzzer alerts you. While you wait you can serve yourself your non-alcoholic drinks and grab your set-ups. Boozy brunchers can grab their drinks from the bar.

Their menu is a greatest hits of all the dishes that built their buzz in Fort Worth. It’s divided into different sections: Bigs, smalls, sides and extras. Bigs are their sizeable biscuit sandwiches that include the Paris Hilton which is a magical combo of sugar cane brined crispy fried chicken, Louisiana hot sauce and honey whipped butter on a buttermilk biscuit.

Biscuit Sandwich at Hot Box Biscuit Club
The Paris Hilton

The smalls are appetizer-sized portions and include their cheeky take on a Southern classic, Cornflake Fried Green Tomatoes. The tomatoes in this traditional dish are fried and pickle-brined for a slightly sour effect that almost makes it feel like you’re eating a large fried pickle chip. The over the top toppings are literally over the top. Scoops of Vernon’s pimento cheese, a sprinkling of corn flakes and drizzles of ranch dust and dip complete the tasty mix of flavors and textures.

Cornflake Fried Green Tomatoes at Hot Box Biscuit Club
Cornflake Fried Green Tomatoes

Other notable Smalls include the “Devil Went down to Georgia” which is a deviled egg with a sour cream based filling topped with notorious P.I.G (their house-cured bacon), pickled jalapeno and ranch dust. Also on the smalls menu are the Puff Daddies, which are their house fried chicharrones. These crunchy snacks are the perfect accompaniment to one of their delicious cocktails.

The Devil Went down to Georgia – Deviled Eggs
Puff Daddies – Chicharrones

Sides include mac and cheese, collard greens, grits, fried okra and several other items. The menu items will change so you will always have different options and a different experience. The stewed green beans I tried just completely floored me! The description says “Like grandmas…but maybe better”.

Stewed Green Beans

While my grandma was more of a homemade tortilla maker, my husbands family has Southern roots so I’ve tasted my fair share of green beans. The Hot Box version has the perfect melt in your mouth texture without being overly mushy and the seasonings really just take it up a notch. But sssshhh, I can’t let the Southern part of my family know.

And please, save room for dessert. Or make room, because… pie. With tempting options like Mary’s Chocolate Cream Pie and Sarah’s Buttermilk Pie you will not want to pass up the decadent pie selections.

Hot Box Biscuit Club
Chef Sarah Hooten and Chef Matt Mobley

Casual, comforting Southern food gets the brunch treatment at Hot Box Biscuit Club. Not only that, but at the hands of two creative and talented chefs using high quality ingredients and making just about everything from scratch, diners are in for a delicious experience. When I spoke to the chefs they said they wanted to make affordable and approachable food so that you don’t just visit for special occasions but that you visit frequently. They’ve created crave-worthy food with soul that will not only draw me back often but many more folks as well.

Hot Box Biscuit Club

313 S. Main Fort Worth TX 76104

Open 7AM – 2PM, closed Mondays