Dining with dignity. What does that mean? For most of us in Fort Worth, it’s what we are accustomed to. We buy our weekly groceries and prepare them for ourselves or our family. Or we go out to eat at a restaurant or save up to eat out for a special occasion. At Taste Project diners pay what they can. It’s Fort Worth’s first non-profit restaurant and pay what you can restaurant.

At Taste Project in the Near Southside, they acknowledge that not everyone knows where their next meal will come from. According to their website, “…in Tarrant County, 36 percent of this food insecure population live above the poverty level and receive no government help”.

Taste Project Mission

Taste Project seeks to address hunger issues from a community perspective with their non-profit restaurant model. They do this by providing a meal for whoever walks in. Unlike any other restaurant in Fort Worth there are no prices on the menu. In this case at Taste Project you either pay what you can afford, pay what you would typically pay, or pay what what you would normally pay plus a little extra.

Chef Jeff Williams at Taste Project
Chef Jeff Williams at Taste Project

A small staff runs the restaurant with a group of volunteers. In the kitchen, you’ll find Chef Jeff Williams who is also the founder and President of Taste Project. He prepares meals that are healthy, hearty and delicious.

Fall Lunch and Brunch Menu

I got a preview of their Fall Lunch and Brunch menu recently. Their lunch menu focuses on small plates and sandwiches. The turkey burger provided hints of fall flavors with the addition of mushrooms and seasoning to the patty. The soft bun and pomegranate aioli bring the burger together nicely. The Reuben sandwich features a delicious house-made corned beef and sauerkraut filling that complements the toasted rye bread beautifully.

Reuben Sandwich at Taste Project

Additionally, they have a nice selection of brunch dishes served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM – 2PM that include French toast, soups, salads and sandwiches. One of the dishes I sample, was the huevos verdes. These small tostadas have flavorful Southwestern influence toppings that include green salsa and queso fresco. The egg, bacon and sweet potato toppings contrast nicely with the crispy tostada shells.

Huevos Verdes at Taste Project

The well thought out menu options are appealing for a variety of consumers in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. The pay what you can model may be new to some, but it’s not complicated. Pay what you can and if you can afford a little more go ahead and do that. It’s not often you can enjoy a meal and pay it forward. Taste Project, let’s you do just that.

Taste Project is also hosting a variety of celebrity servers in acknowledgement of Hunger Action Month. Check out their Facebook page to see when the Fort Worth Firefighters or our own mayor, Betsy Price, will be serving.

Taste Project

Location: South Main Village

1200 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104, 817-759-9045

Vibe: Casual

Good for: lunch, brunch, families, dates, couples, friends, co-workers

Food: Healthy and hearty comfort food items

Price Range: No menu prices. Pay what you can afford, pay what you would typically pay, or pay what what you would normally pay plus a little extra

Taste Project adds to the growing dining options in the South Main Village. Read my review on Four Sisters: Taste of Vietnam and Game Theory for more options in this area.