What happens when you combine a cooking class with a dinner party? You get The Cookery. The Cookery offers a new cooking class concept to Fort Worth by way of Dallas, where the original is located.

The Cookery
A large farmhouse table is where you enjoy the dishes you make during the class

The Cookery opened up on South Main a few months ago and offers hands-on cooking classes. If you didn’t already know I’m a big fan of many businesses on South Main including Four Sisters, Game Theory and Hot Box Biscuit Club.

These interactive classes are meant to go beyond a cooking demonstration. Participants literally have a hand in making different aspects of the three to four course meal.

The Cookery cooking class Fort Worth
Hands on cooking station

What to expect at The Cookery

When you walk in you are greeted by the instructor or assistant. Usually you are offered water, tea or wine. The menu is hand-written on the chalkboard above the cubbies where you stash your stuff. You then grab an apron and are given hand washing protocol. Ie. If you are like me and tons of photos on your phone or camera, wash your hands after. 

During the course of the class, the instructor casually explains the dishes, ingredients and techniques. The intimate setting and class size make it feel like you are almost in someone’s kitchen.

The Cookery Cooking class Fort Worth

Cooking Class Structure

The structure of the class and the courses change depending on the theme of the class. Some class themes include Sushi, Elegant Dinner Party, Pasta, Indian and Farm to Table. I’ve taken the Caribbean Vacation class and the Farm to Table class.

Generally you prepare your first course and perhaps an accompanying cocktail and then sit down and enjoy that before moving on to the next courses. The intimate and collaborative structure of the class ensures that you will get to know the folks you are taking the class with. So, by the time you sit down you will get that “dinner party” feeling. The class-prepared dishes are shared family style.

Meal at The Cookery
Family style dining

Through the course of the evening the instructor drops a few cooking tips related to each dish. I’ve taken cooking classes around the world and consider myself a good cook and each class I’ve taken I’ve learned something new.

Cooking Class at the Cookery

After sitting and enjoying the first course you get to work preparing the rest of the food. For both the courses I took I was pleasantly surprised that all the dishes were gluten free including the desserts. You then again sit and enjoy the fruits of your cooking labor while getting to know other attendees.


I enjoyed the Caribbean Vacation class because it’s a cuisine I’m not familiar with. The dishes were full of unique flavors and easy enough to prepare that they could easily be integrated into a weekday meal or replicated for a dinner party. The Shrimp Asapao Soup was completely new to me and one that I will definitely replicate on my own. The coconut ice cream was decadent and easily made and the rum punch was refreshing.

Rum Punch

The Farm to Table class took simple farm fresh ingredients and elevated them to comfort level cuisine. The seasonal root vegetable bisque was simple and sublime and the crispy chickpeas were a revelation. The apple and pear pecan crumble along with the vanilla bean whipped cream was a delicious ending to the whole experience.

Seasonal Root Vegetable Bisque

The Cookery takes your traditional cooking class and makes it a comfortable, cozy and casual experience with the feeling of cooking in a friends kitchen. This friend keeps the wine flowing and shows you how to make some killer cocktails. This experience is great for couples and girl’s nights and welcoming of all skill levels. 

The Cookery
Enjoying dessert with mi amiga Courtney Gumbleton

The Cookery

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710 S Main St #130, Fort Worth, TX 76104