self-guided taco + Margarita tour

taco tote

It’s a tour in a tote! This self-guided tour hits several of the taco + margarita hot spots in Fort Worth. As a bonus, you’ll also find detour suggestions of Fort Worth landmarks and notable spots to visit so you can really get to know the city! Also included are locally made products that include Taco Sauce, Chile Margarita Salt, and Chile sweet/sour lollipops to keep the taco tour vibes going after your tour!

What’s included:
  • Eat This Fort Worth Tote Bag 
  • Taco & Margarita Tour Itinerary (printed itinerary + PDF)
  • Itinerary suggestions make it easy to choose your own “Taco Eating” Adventure! 
  • Detour suggestions for nearby notable Fort Worth          landmarks + parks
  • Map of all locations
  • Tour selections are made with social distancing in mind
  • Locally made food products that include: taco sauce, sour chile Margarita salt, a bag of sweet/sour chili lollipops                           Not included: purchase of tacos + margaritas (varies at each location, tacos cost between $2-6, Margaritas cost $5-9)


experience eat This fort worth’s
signature tour your way!
Tour in a tote!

what to expect:

  • Purchase Taco Tote
  • Purchases are made through Gumroad and confirmation + PDF will come from them
  • Receive PDF with Itinerary Information in your Email
  • Choose FREE Delivery (within 15 miles of Downtown Fort Worth) and provide delivery details at checkout or choose to have tote shipped
  • Tote will contain tour packet + map + locally made shelf-stable food products
  • Plan out your taco eating adventure & go!
  • Take one or all of the “detours” included in the itinerary to really get to know Fort Worth!
  • Contact us if you still have questions!

Pre-selected menu

Just like on the taco tour, you are provide with taco suggestions for each place. Some items may be “off-menu” based on chef/owner recommendations. Tacos are selected to showcase each restaurant and to provide a variety of fillings. Margarita and non-alcoholic pairings are also suggested. Vegetarian options for each location are also provided. The card inside your tour packet lets you know exactly what to order.

choose your taco adventure!

In the emailed PDF you receive upon purchase you will get detailed information about each spot and why it was chosen for this tour. This will help you plan your taco adventure based on what types of places you’d like to visit, from the true taquerias to modern versions.


Take the scenic route! Along with each taco spot you’ll get a recommendation for a nearby “detour”. This gives you a chance to explore Fort Worth. Suggested detours include well-know spots along with hidden gems like this waterfall. This oasis is only a five minute drive and a short hike from one of the restaurants on the taco itinerary!

Tour packet

Inside of the tote bag you will find your tour packet. This packet contains your itinerary suggestions. It also includes a handy reference card that details the recommended taco and beverage options. Detour information is also tucked inside the packet. And finally, there is a map of taco spot locations + detours that you can reference.

safety first

This self-guided tour was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Until it is safe to gather around a shared food experience again, this tour gives you a chance to eat and explore your way. Places were chosen for their safety precautions and ability to seat patrons outdoors when possible. Some spots are only offering curbside or pick-up, these are clearly noted in the tour packet. Some places may also have limited seating during peak hours. Currently, it’s required to wear a mask to enter any business in Fort Worth including restaurants (you are allowed to remove the mask once you are seated). Please plan accordingly.

Tour operators will monitor restaurant partners and will notify tour participants about any closures and offer alternate suggestions if necessary.

Who Should take a food Tour?

Anyone who is looking to eat, drink and discover all the Fort Worth food scene has to offer.

It’s especially great for

  • Visitors to Fort Worth
  • Local Foodies looking for new experiences
  • New Fort Worth residents
  • Couples looking for a unique date
  • Celebrations like birthdays & bachelorette parties
  • Employee outings/corporate events
  • Conference attendees
  • Anyone who wants a fun, yummy carefree afternoon

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